Welcome to my digital garden.

This is where I share things I’m growing and exploring.

I spent a little time on the mountain
Spent a little time on the hill
Heard some say, “better run away”
Others say, “better stand still”

Things to know about me

⚡️ Hungry people inspire me

⛰ Nature keeps me healthy, strong and humble

⚔️ Educators are our warriors

💪 I conquered my stutter and the CourageMuscle became a thing

🪓 Active Resting keeps my ax sharp

🐝 Babette is my warrior queen and mother to our brood

🌳 Created ThirtyTenZero by accident. Lean on it weekly.

🗽 Live in NYC – NYJ, NYM, NYR (builds character and I hate your pity)

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I explore humans as human creatures, parenting the future, the craft of teaching, living in flow/ flow, the way of the world and what I can do about it.

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