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This is where I embrace my addiction to passion. Lean into some fears. Take on the challenge of being authentic. And celebrate that we are creatures of nature.

Dan Greenwald

Founder of ThirtyTenZero

#FamilyFirst – father of 3 living in NYC the country

Guiding Principles: 1. time is the greatest commodity 2. seek authenticity not approval 3. fear equal opportunity

Interests: nature, hungry people, craft of teaching, music, delicious food and being a dad.

I enjoy creating and building things. Started with lego. Moved onto curriculum design and now companies.

<— This was my Spring2020 look. I was focused and strong. Escaped w/ the family to nature. Came in the winter. Left in summer. It’s a good story.

I spent a little time on the mountain
Spent a little time on the hill
Heard some say, “better run away”
Others say, “better stand still”


Fascinated with the craft of teaching and learning

Founded ThirtyTenZero by accident

I see educators as our warriors

Hungry people inspire me

Nature keeps me healthy, strong and humble

Music opens me like nothing else

Everyone has the power to change

I conquered my stutter

BabetteMarciano is my warrior queen

Grew up in NJ outside NYC and on a farm in Northeast PA

Currently living on the farm in the Bronx with our three kids (10, 7 & 1)

Learned a lot at: Teachers College, Columbia University (MA – Curriculum Design), Boston University (BA – Philosophy/ Religion)

My Challenge

I am a creature with the power to change. This power becomes available when I uncover what I really want. My challenge is the stories my mind creates to keep me safe and alive are also what stand in the way. My weapon is StoryWatch. I capture these stories before they turn into action, sometimes.

My Mission

To make it easier for people to tap their inner power, and like an oil well, harness this energy into practical daily life.

Come along for the ride?

Welcome aboard

Take It or Leave It

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Weekly Jukebox

My GoTo for the 6:30-7:30 writing room
Great source of new beats. Loving it. Working from home w/ Bose QC30’s

Has been the go for a while. Boys now have their own Spotify. Let’s see.

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